Accounting Compliance

Tree Accountancy can ensure your accounts are expertly prepared in the correct format and by the set deadline. But we can also work with you using the compliance process, to help you understand where you are and how you can build for the future.

Annual accounts

Here’s what you can expect from our compliance service when we’re preparing your annual accounts: Before the year end we will talk to you:
  • About considerations for tax planning
  • About what you can expect the year to look like
  • About credit ratings
  • About the timings of the accounts
During the accounts preparation we will:
  • Prepare the accounts to the highest quality
  • Talk to you about queries
Then at the accounts meeting we will:
  • Highlight areas we feel can be improved with the results
  • Suggest changes to your systems to provide up to date information
  • Put a plan together for the coming year

Management Accounts

We will work closely with you to find out what makes you successful and what your risks are.

As your business grows, up to date financial information will become an increasingly vital tool, as you are asked to make some important decisions.

This is where Tree Accountancy can give you the edge. We will work closely with you, to find out what makes you successful and what your risks are. Then we’ll deliver our reporting either monthly or quarterly, so we can compare the results to our expectations and provide you with an insight on any action required.

We do not expect you to be an accountant, that’s our job. However, we will discuss the key performance indicators with you, so you know how to manage them - and understand what you need to do to grow and achieve your goals.


Tree can review your entire process, identifying weaknesses and making recommendations for improvements.

An audit should not just be viewed as a legal requirement, but also as a way of giving your numbers credibility and obtaining a review of your processes, which can lead to improvements in your efficiency and effectiveness.

After reviewing your systems, processes and working practices as part any audit, Tree will report to you on how these affect the way you work and whether this is what you expect. And if we identify areas of weakness or inefficiencies, we’ll talk them over with you and make recommendations for improvements.