Tree is about growth and the protection of what you have, this is delivered by people you want to work with and stay with.

We’re a team of experts focused on business growth

We work with many of the fastest growing SME businesses in the UK. Through our approach, helping our clients to develop a 5 year plan to deliver goals that really stretch the business. We’ve helped many of our clients to achieve over 100% growth in the past year.

We get under the skin of your business to offer dedicated services

Our onboarding process explores your business to understand who you are, how you got here and where you want to be and this allows us to tailor our approach to you. We pull together our 100 day plan to show you how this will work.

Through our strong partnerships, we build strong relationships

We have worked alongside a number of partners for years and this is built on a straight talking relationship where we simply do what we say we will and when we say we will, this has led to many strong trusted partners.

Based in Manchester

Our roots are embedded in the heart of Manchester

Tree has always been part of Manchester’s professional scene and developed a great reputation, winning many awards and we have always kept our feet rooted to Manchester and that won’t change.

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Giving back

We’re involved in charity work for great causes

It is because we are rooted in Manchester that part of our culture is look after “our kid” and “our family”, we love doing this and dedicate time, money and efforts to supporting charities that benefit Manchester and their local communities.

Meet the team

Our team are intelligent, personable and really care about your success and strive to help.

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