For the sustainability and growth of small businesses cash flow management is vital to keep everything under control. Making sure you are in control of the money coming into and out of your business will enable you to make predictions and forecast for the future, whilst guaranteeing employees can be paid and expenses are covered. 

Getting this right can often be a complicated process, particularly when you are regularly sending invoices to customers or clients and are losing track of the process. Using a cloud-based accounting system, such as Xero, allows you to manage your cash flow in one place and access this from any device. 

What is Xero cloud-based accounting software?

Xero is a cloud-based accounting software designed for small and medium-sized businesses. The software allows business owners to manage their finances across one software, connecting them to their bank, accountant, bookkeeper and more. The software allows small businesses to pay bills, make VAT returns, claim expenses, accept payments, track projects, manage payroll and so much more. 

Systems like Xero have revolutionised the financial industry, making accounting for small businesses easier than ever before! With Xero you can see the cash position of your business in a simple way, keeping all the necessary data and information in one, highly accessible software.  

Keeping accounting simple 

Keeping your accounting simple and being able to access important business metrics at the click of a button will help you manage your cash flow in an efficient way. As a business owner this will save you time and provide an opportunity for you to identify new opportunities for your business growth. 

Why is cash flow management so important for small businesses?

If you are a small business owner you will know that no two days are the same. Having an efficient system in place to manage cash flow within your business will help to mitigate any risks that may be caused by cash flow problems. With the ability to control your cash flow, you can forecast and prepare for the future, allowing you to meet your payments and grow your business. 

Trusted Xero Accountants 

At Tree Accountancy we are Xero Platinum Partners, meaning that we have the expertise to offer support to our clients who opt to use Xero as their dedicated cloud-based accounting software. We know how to get the very best out of Xero and will help our clients to do so. Not only will we help you migrate over to using Xero for the first time, we will continue to offer our support, providing tax advice, financial services and more for your SME. If you would be interested in accessing our Xero services, simply get in touch with the team today.