Corporate Finance

Tree’s corporate finance advice team offers a multi-disciplinary service and a wealth of experience, to provide the best possible corporate finance advice for any business.

What Are Corporate Finance Services?

Corporate finance services encompass a broad range of financial solutions and expertise provided to businesses. Corporate finance is an essential part of small businesses success and it encompasses the financial decisions of businesses such as creating financial plans, and making financial decisions that will help a business to achieve their goals.  At Tree Accountancy, our expert financial advisors can provide you with corporate financial advice that can help your business to succeed, no matter what your business goals, we can help to make sure you achieve them. Corporate finance can be extremely challenging, but our experts are here to support you.

How Does Corporate Finance Work?

Corporate finance aims to obtain finances through the most efficient sources in order to manage the financial activities of a business. Corporate finance encompasses a wide range of activities in order to increase the value of the business. Firstly, corporate finance will incorporate financial planning and an analysis of the business to help set realistic financial goals, this will involve forecasting cash flows and assessing the viability of any potential financial investments.  The next stage will be capital financing in order to determine how the business will fund the capital investments and how to optimise the businesses capital structure. The main goal of corporate finance is to maximise the shareholder value, support long-term growth of the business and ensure the financial stability and success of the business. Having a corporate finance advisor can help small businesses achieve their business goals in the best and most efficient way.

Examples Of Corporate Finance Advice

Tree Accountancy can offer a your business a significant amount of of corporate knowledge and our team are equipped to advise and assist you in all of the following areas: 
  • Strategic business advice 
  • Selling your business 
  • Raising finance 
  • Going public 
  • Mergers and acquisitions
There are numerous aspects of corporate finance, and we are here to advise you on all aspects that will help your business grow. We work with a range of businesses ranging from recruitment agencies, start ups and institutions, so we are fully equipped to help your business whatever industry you work in.  At some point, you will undoubtedly require assistance from third parties, whether from banks, venture capital, stockbrokers or lawyers. In which case, our contact base both in Manchester and further afield will open the right doors for you by introducing you to the relevant leading experts.

Why Might You Need Corporate Finance Advice?

Corporate finance advice can be extremely beneficial for businesses, corporate finance finds the best way to finance the goals that you have for your business, and getting advice from corporate finance experts can be crucial, particularly for small businesses.  Financial planning and analysis is a crucial aspect of running a small business in order to ensure financial stability and growth. Corporate finance experts can help to develop comprehensive financial plans, forecast cash flows and conduct thorough analysis of investment opportunities.  Corporate finance advisors can help to reach your business goals and at Tree Accountancy, as your corporate finance advisers we will:
  • Seek out prospective hurdles to be overcome in advance 
  • Make you aware of the pitfalls in advance 
  • Manage the timetable effectively 
  • Work with your other advisers to take the pressure off you 
  • Provide project planning support to help you avoid any unnecessary expense

Why Choose Tree Accountancy?

At Tree Accountancy, we offer a multi-disciplinary service and a wealth of experience to provide the best possible corporate finance advice for any business. Our corporate finance experts are experienced in working with all types of clients, from private companies and fellow professionals to quoted companies and institutions. Whatever the needs of your business, we are committed to exploring your business to understand who you are and where you want to be, we will then provide you with the corporate finance advice that will be tailored to your business needs.  Get in touch with us today to find out more about how our corporate finance team can help you reach your business goals.