Cloud Accounting

We’ve introduced cloud accounting to provide flexibility, security, value for money, and of course, vital information as and when you need it.

Cloud Accounting Services At Tree Accountancy

Cloud based accounting softwares have been revolutionary for small and medium sized businesses and they allow the world of accounting and managing finances to be much more effective. At Tree Accountancy, we are cloud accounting experts and can support all SMEs with their online accounting services by using cloud accounting softwares such as Xero, QuickBooks and Sage and we will tailor the services to your particular business needs.

What Is Cloud Accounting?

Cloud based accounting softwares keep all of your business books online so that you can access them from anywhere, by using a web-based software, you will be able to manage your accounting processes and store financial data securely on the internet.  There are many different cloud accounting softwares that businesses can use and these softwares can offer a range of features to handle integral accounting tasks such as invoicing, bank transactions, payroll management, financial reporting and more. Cloud accounting provides businesses with greater flexibility and accessibility and it can make accounting more effective for businesses. 

How Does Cloud Accounting Work?

When businesses are using cloud accounting softwares, they will subscribe to an online accounting software that is best tailored to their business needs and they will move their books to the cloud. Once all of their books have been transferred, they will be able to access their accounts from any web browser/ app. Businesses using cloud accounting softwares will also be able to connect their business bank account so that all bank transactions are going straight into the books rather than manually inputting the data. 

Why Choose Cloud Accounting?

Cloud accounting allows businesses to streamline their accounting operations and when using cloud based softwares, there are many benefits for businesses:
  • Have access to real time information to make better decisions
Cloud accounting softwares automatically connects your business bank accounts so that all data is transferred directly, meaning you can access real time information that is up to date and accurate, therefore helping you make better decisions for your business. 
  • Access your financial information 24/7
Cloud based accounting is extremely flexible and accessible for business owners, allowing you to access your data from anywhere in the world at any time, this can be extremely valuable for small businesses who want to gain regular information either at work or when they are on the go.
  • Have better security and no time-consuming backups
Cloud based accounting softwares provides extremely high security that ensures all of your data is secure and will only be able to be accessed by your business.
  • Share and collaborate with ease
Using a cloud based accounting software is great for sharing information and collaborating with colleagues as you are able to access all information from any device at any time. The cloud can be accessed by multiple users simultaneously, however, as a business owner, you will be in control of who has access to the data and how much access they can gain, this way you can be sure that the businesses financial data is only being viewed by people who need to see it and your data is secure.
  • Save time
Cloud based accounting softwares will connect seamlessly with your online business bank account and will allow for all accounting data to be directly transferred to the cloud software, therefore meaning, there is no need to manually enter data and allows businesses to spend time on growing their business.

Types Of Cloud Based Accounting

There are several cloud based accounting softwares available for small businesses, each offering unique features and functionalities to meet the individual needs of businesses, these include: 
  • Xero online accounting software 
  • QuickBooks cloud accounting software
  • Sage accounting software 
There are a wide range of options available and this means that small businesses are able to choose a cloud-based accounting software that aligns with the specific needs of their business, industry and growth objectives. So no matter what your business, from recruitment agencies to start ups, there is sure to be a cloud based accounting software that will meet the needs of your business.

Why Tree Accountancy?

At Tree Accountancy, we have an extensive knowledge of most cloud systems, and we not only know how to implement them, but also how to get the very best out of them. As Xero Platinum partners, QuickBooks Online Platinum partners and Sage Business Cloud experts, we will use this understanding, along with our review of your systems and goals, to identify the cloud accounting system that is tailored to your business. There are hundreds of cloud accounting applications available, but at Tree, we are perfectly placed to help you to select the most appropriate and implement it effectively.